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We are a management consulting firm with proven business growth strategies to accelerate growth and profitability for your business so you can focus on what you do best: science, technology and innovation to support the needs of your clients so they can provide better, faster drugs and diagnostics for all. 


Together, we innovate better health solutions for all mankind,

one service at a time.

Josh.i & Associates is a strategic business growth advisory firm with over twenty years of experience helping privately held, small and mid-size biotech companies grow by addressing the unique challenges their CEO’s face.

We empower CEO’s of contract research organizations (CRO’s) by creating customized roadmaps with unique strategies that accelerate success. We do this by taking a 360° approach that evaluates and addresses processes, planning, people and profits to ensure predictable revenue, sustainable growth, client strategy & relationship management, pricing strategy and negotiation, strategic alliances and partnerships. 

We serve:

  • Preclinical CRO’s

  • Translational CRO’s

  • Clinical CRO’s

  • Diagnostics

  • Medical Devices


Only 9% of business owners operate with a strategic plan.


Bindu Joshi, PhD


Dr. Bindu Joshi is the founder and principal of Josh.i & Associates, providing business strategy, revenue growth and M&A advisory services to small and medium size biotech/pharma CROs.


Dr. Joshi has over twenty years of experience in the life science industry covering the entire spectrum from drug discovery and translational research to clinical development, to sales, revenue growth and partnership strategies. She is passionate about facilitating research, development and commercialization of innovative tools, technologies and therapies to advance R&D and clinical development efforts that make a tangible impact on mankind.

Connect with me here on Linkedin

With extensive commercialization experience at Sigma-Aldrich, she was one of the first pioneers to evangelize and create in-roads for revolutionary first-to-market genome editing technology (ZFN) and related services for creating customized genetically modified animals, primary cells and cell lines to the scientific community worldwide. She continues to help businesses transform by melding the technical and business worlds.

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